This 1964 Morgan +4 two seat Roadster is a very nice example of the make.

The records we have indicate that this Plus Four was in California, where it was driven to 54,905 miles and then garaged there from 1974 until 2002. The receipts show the car was made roadworthy by a shop in Santa Cruz California and then received fresh paint in 2002-2003.

The car came to Arizona in 2003 where it was lightly driven and the engine received a full rebuild in 2007. The rebuild included a new 87mm liner and piston kit, a new Kent fast road cam, new timing gears and chain, and the crankshaft was machined to accept the oil seal upgrade. An auxiliary cooling fan was added at this time also. New chrome 72 spoke Dayton wire wheels were added in 2005. He is quite tall and when the seats were reupholstered in 2005, he also built a new bottom cushion support box that gave him more clearance between his legs and the steering wheel. Sometime during this ownership, the speedometer was replaced or rebuilt as the mileage shown is inaccurate. This owner only drove the car occasionally during his ownership as it was not his only collector car. The car is quite beautiful in person and he did win a few local car shows with it.

My wife and I bought the car and added it to our collection in 2012 and drove it mostly on Morgan runs and an occasional cars and coffee events. We ended up with a Plus 8 in 2014 and sold the car to one of our customers. After a year of ownership, a medical condition made him unable to drive the car, and we took the car in trade for some large American car. In 2015 we traded the car to another customer for his Morgan 3 wheeler. He quickly found that he was not suited to vintage car ownership. He had a radiator failure, overheated the car and cracked the cylinder head. We had a good serviceable cylinder head rebuilt and installed it along with a new radiator, and water pump.

A friend/customer of ours bought this car as it allowed more leg clearance than he had with his Plus 4, four seater. He has other vintage cars and now has an Aero 8, so space has determined that this one must go.

The paint and bright work still look quite nice. The wood is intact and there is no evidence of a rusted frame. The seat and door panels are still quite nice while the vinyl on the inner door sills are original to the car and are starting to show a bit of scuffing and looseness. By knowing all the owners since the car showed 54,905 on the odometer, my guess is the car likely has around 60,000 miles on the entire chassis. The front suspension is tight and the brakes work well. All the gauges and lights are functional. The top, side curtains and Tonneau are all present and in very good condition.

All in all, this is a very enjoyable car to drive and always gets lots of attention even amongst its peers at Morgan events. This car was considered cool enough to be used by Jerry Seinfeld to pick up Stephen Colbert for one of his Comedians in Cars getting Coffee episodes

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