VIN: 3TA1037
Engine: Ford Capri V6
Transmission: Automatic

In 1953, after a series of victories in the European Alpine Rallies driven by Sterling Moss, the British manufacturer Rootes Group decided to allow the production of a 2 seater roadster touring car to be called the “Alpine.” One or two of these Alpines were constructed by private individuals but Rootes commissioned the famous designer Raymond Loewy (Studebaker Designs) to finalize the design.
About 3,000 Sunbeam -Talbot Alpine cars were constructed from 1953 through 1955. They were luxuriously appointed for the time and were meant to sell overseas. The much lighter competitor MG cost $1400 and the heavier but faster and much more comfortable Alpine sold for around $3000 as the race versions continued to win rallies around Europe.

Even with the limited production through 1955 the Alpine became even more famous for its appearance in the movie “To Catch a Thief” with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

There are believed to be approximately 200 Sunbeam-Talbot Alpines left in the world. The “Special” designation indicates that this car, in its original configuration, was one of 300 that were produced with changes that that made it lighter, faster and had more engine torque than a stock Sunbeam -Talbot Alpine.
This car (A3012571LRXS) with body # 1037 has been partially renovated and customized. A Ford Capri V6 engine was installed by the well-known Capri expert Team Blitz along with the Capri automatic transmission. The front suspension was rebuilt along with a complete brake system overhaul. The rear axle has been freshly sealed, the electrical system was rewired and an electric cooling fan was added. The original boot (trunk) was repurposed into an electrically operated rumble seat.

This Sunbeam Talbot has new original production wheels, new hubcaps with Sunbeam -Talbot medallions and new wheel rings. It was treated to a new canvas convertible top and side curtains. All the chrome trim and exterior weather stripping kit is new. Much money has already been spent on the car by the current owner. What remains to be finished is primarily cosmetic work. The photos will show you that this is not a rusty car but a good amount of filler was used in areas, primarily around the rumble seat customization. Also, the next care taker will likely want to upgrade the interior.

The car runs and drives nicely with the added power of the Ford V6 and can be completed in the same fashion. There is also an original style engine available if desired.

This Sunbeam Talbot Alpine can truly be enjoyed now while continuing further restoration.

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